Falmouth Summer Marine Discovery

Falmouth Summer Marine Discovery

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded funding from Cornwall Council's 'Filling the Holiday Gap' programme to run a summer holiday family rock pooling project called: Falmouth's Summer Marine Discovery. We need some little and big explorers to help us check out beaches around Falmouth and discover anemones, crabs, fish and much, much more! Families will learn all they need to know about our local wildlife and at the same time help our scientists to learn more about Falmouth's precious natural heritage.

Participation in the project is FREE OF CHARGE and is open to families with school age children living in specific postcodes in the Falmouth area. Transport and healthy meals are also provided. Why not come and join us at the project launch event on Friday the 19th July to find out more.

Eligible Postcodes

The Beacon and Grenville Road:

TR11 2AH, TR11 2AU, TR11 2AX, TR11 2AY, TR11 2BA, TR11 2BB, TR11 2BD, TR11 2BE, TR11 2BG, TR11 2BH, TR11 2BJ, TR11 2BQ, TR11 2DF, TR11 2DR, TR11 2DS, TR11 2DU, TR11 2DX, TR11 2DZ, TR11 2EB, TR11 2EL, TR11 2EW, TR11 2FD, TR11 2FL, TR11 2LT, TR11 2NH, TR11 2NJ, TR11 2NL, TR11 2NN, TR11 2NP, TR11 2NR, TR11 2NS, TR11 2NT, TR11 2NU, TR11 2NW, TR11 2NX, TR11 2NY, TR11 2PT, TR11 2PX, TR11 2PY, TR11 2PZ, TR11 2QA, TR11 2TB

Laburnum Close, Acacia Road, Draceana Avenue

TR11 2ER, TR11 2EU, TR11 2EX, TR11 2EY, TR11 2EZ, TR11 2FE, TR11 2HA, TR11 2HB, TR11 2HD, TR11 2HE, TR11 2HF, TR11 2HG, TR11 2HH, TR11 2HJ, TR11 2HL, TR11 2HN, TR11 2HP, TR11 2HQ, TR11 2HR, TR11 2HU, TR11 2HW, TR11 2HX, TR11 2JE, TR11 2JG, TR11 2JL, TR11 2JN, TR11 2JP, TR11 2JR, TR11 2JS, TR11 2JT, TR11 2JU, TR11 2JW, TR11 2JX, TR11 2JY, TR11 2JZ, TR11 2LA, TR11 2LB, TR11 2LD, TR11 2LE, TR11 2LF, TR11 2LH, TR11 2LQ, TR11 2RZ, TR11 2SG, TR11 2TZ, TR11 2UL, TR11 4FG

Old Hill

TR11 2DT, TR11 2ND, TR11 2NE, TR11 2NF, TR11 2NG, TR11 2NQ, TR11 2PH, TR11 2PJ, TR11 2PL, TR11 2PN, TR11 2PP, TR11 2PQ, TR11 2PR, TR11 2PS, TR11 2PU, TR11 2PW, TR11 2QD, TR11 2SZ, TR11 2TD, TR11 2TE, TR11 2TF, TR11 2TG, TR11 2TL, TR11 2TN, TR11 2TP, TR11 2TQ, TR11 2TR, TR11 2TS, TR11 2TW, TR11 2WQ, TR11 2WR, TR11 5NZ

What does the project involve?

Falmouth's beaches are some of the very best in the country for rock pooling. It's important that we look after them and learn about the wildlife that live there. This project is designed to teach families important information about how to recognise rock pool species and to build a community that will work together learn about our local marine natural heritage.

Over the course of the summer we will visit six different beaches in Falmouth and we will use waterproof devices to take pictures of the animals the we find and our marine scientists will use these to study how the wildlife changes from beach to beach.

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Registration opens 

Beach activity 1

Wed 31st July

10:00am to 12:30pm

Beach activity 2

Tues 6th August

3:00pm to 5:30pm

Beach activity 3

Tues 13th August

10:00am to 12:30pm

Beach activity 4

Tues 20th August

1:30pm to 4:00pm

Beach activity 5

Wed 28th August

9:30am to 12:00pm

Beach activity 6

Tues 3rd Sept

2:00pm to 4:30pm

Celebration event

Sat 14th Sept

3pm to 5pm

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Key Dates

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